Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rubber Band Activated Card In A Box Pop-Up

The card in a box cards is a very popular card design right know and I have to admit I am hooked too. But I thought I step it up a notch and engineer a design for a card that is rubber band activated and automatically pops up as soon as you pull it out of the envelope. I am hoping to find the time to post the template and put together a tutorial. Be sure to check out the video so you can see the card in motion.

Here are some more details of the card.

I covered the blue card stock with Crystal Effects. When it was almost dry I used my Simply Scored Stylus tool to indent the Crystal Effects and add some movement to the water. It looks pretty real.

The golf ball is mounted on two pennies with a dimensional in between so it moves in the slot - much like a spinner card.

A very special card for a very special birthday.


  1. Thank you for everything, I Look forward to more posts on this project (THANK YOU, too!). I LOVED reading about your 'water' technique also (fun) and would love to follow instructions at some point, too. The video is super fun; thanks so much for sharing everything! Cheers! :)

  2. I can't wait to see how you did this!!! Please post soon!

  3. What a fabulous and fun addition to the card in the box! What size rubber bands did you use?

  4. The size of the rubber bands depend on my card size. Mostly I use the ones from the Rainbow Loom.

  5. Sooooo cool! Love it. How'd ya do it!!!! lol TFS

  6. I love your card. It is unique. I was looking for the tutorial but didn't find one. Will you be posting one soon?