Friday, April 4, 2014

Background Tutorial

For the card below I wanted to use the Posetively Chevron Background stamp.

But I did not want to stamp the chevron pattern on the entire background, I wanted something more subtle so it does not overpower the card. After all I still wanted the frame and the flowers to be the focal point. How did I do that? Well, here is how:

Ink up a sponge on the ink pad.

Transfer the ink onto a limited area of the stamp with your sponge.

Place the card front on the stamp. Slightly rub over the card.

VoilĂ , done. Pretty easy and very effective.


  1. very cute card. I like the gumball/strawberry best I think.

  2. Thanks for explaining how you achieved the partial background! Love the cards, and I think the pumpkin pie one is my favorite.

  3. Great tutorial, love the card.