Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ribbon Organizer Tutorial

1. Cut 6 pieces from the Stampin' Up! Petite Pocket Bigz XL.
2. On all 6 die-cuts cut off lower portion of the bottom flap c, about 1 ½” below crease line.

3. Cut off side flap a from piece 2 - 6 of the die-cuts.

4. On die-cut #1 cut side flap a according to picture.

5. On die-cut # 6 cut two slits in side flap 6d according to picture.
6. Fold all crease lines.

7. Apply glue in flap d of pieces 1 - 5.

8. Attach piece 2 to flap1d, 3 to 2d, 4 to 3d, 5 to 4d and 6 to 5d.
9.Roll into an evenly shaped hexagon and insert two flaps on 1a into slits on 6d.
10. Apply glue to the corners of the flaps b and c marked with the black dot in the picture on pieces 3 – 6.
11. Fold over flaps on both sides of the ribbon organizer and glue together.

12. Cover up the holes on the sides that stay open in the middle (for example with punched or die cut circles or flowers).


13. Punch holes for ribbon on flap 1 with circle punch of the Itty Bitty Punch Pack. Cut off corners of flap 1b and 1c in angle so the organizer is easier to close.
14. Insert ribbon and close organizer.